Band Lineup

Terry Cavanagh and Alpine Express
6:30-7:30 and 9:00-11:00

Expect the unexpected in your trek to accordion land with this serious about having fun musician. Grab your hiking boots and your backpack and gear up for some high-spirited musical adventure with Terry and his musicians, including America’s high-altitude polka band; Alpine Express.

The Walburg Boys
3:45-6:00 and 7:45-8:45

The Walburg Boys are the foundation entertainment at Walburg German Restaraunt & Biergarten right in Walburg, Texas. They are bringing their German Biergarten sound to the banks of the Guadalpe river.

Yodel Blitz

This group provides quality, fun, German folk music for any event. Yodel Blitz features yodeling (as the name implies) along with 3-part harmonies, accordion, clarinet, bass, brass, alphorn and cowbells. If you want to kick your event into gear and get the crowd dancing and singing along, Yodel Blitz is the musical group for you. They guarantee a beer-drinking, yodel-blitzing good time!